Seeking a Variance?

1. Homeowner/client obtains an application for relief from their particular zoning requirements from their municipal authorities.

2. The homeowner/client needs to obtain from their municipal authorities, among other information, a list of affected homeowners (all properties within a 200-foot radius of the affected project) who must recieve notification, via registered mail, of your application.

3. We provide the architectural drawings for submittal with the application.

4. The owner or owner's Lawyer submits the application with the required fees. Each municipality sets its own fee schedule.

5. Once submitted, the application is added to the board’s agenda based on the current schedule. Some municipalities meet twice a month, but most meet once a month. The applications are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Depending upon the time of the year, your application can ussually get a hearing within one to two months, but during the busy season – spring and summer – you may find the application won’t be scheduled for at least two to three months, sometimes longer.

6. There is no guarantee your application will be approved. It is also possible that the hearing for your application may be postponed, or the Board may have questions that require you to come back to the next meeting with more information so they can vote on the application, which means your project is delayed another month. If the application is approved, towns require the approval of the application to be memorialized at the NEXT meeting (not the same one at which the vote to approve it was taken) before you can submit drawings to municipal officials to obtain permits.