Why You Need an Architect

It is always in the homeowner’s best interests to hire the architect directly because the architect works for the homeowner.
It is common these days to hire the contractor first, who sometimes includes the architect's fee in their estimate, but you should keep in mind that the architect in that case is working for the contractor, not you, the homeowner.

The architect doesn’t just provide documents so you can get a construction permit. Projects are not easy things
to build... even ones that may appear simple in scope.

Our drawings contain crucial information, and the quality and clarity of the information provided dictates
the finished project – the realization of a vision… your vision.

Legally, the architect is there to protect the homeowner/client. The content and quality of the drawings we provide become part of your contract with the builder/contractor. The more detail provided, the more protected you are, because there’s less ambiguity. Very little left to chance, misunderstanding, and misinterpretation. In ambiguity cost overruns breed.

And yes, a good contractor will build to code requirements, but that doesn’t mean the job was done to YOUR specifications,
standards, desires or that the finished project will fit your needs. Codes are a just a bare minimum –

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