About Our Fees

Fees are based on length of time required to do your project. The amount of time is affected by
the size and complexity of the project, which is determined at the initial meeting by the architect.

Our fees are flat fees because we bill for our time and work only.
We do not base our fees on a percentage of construction cost, as this is very hard to control or justify.

The fee does NOT include our reimbursable expenses, such as blueprinting costs (copies
of the drawings), computer plotting, etc.

The fee is made up of these four components:

1. Assessment of conditions of your home/property
      Measure & Documentation of Existing Conditions
      Local Zoning Code Analysis

2. Preliminary Design Schematic Phase
      Plan and Elevation Studies Describing Design
      Client Meeting to Discuss Preliminary Design

3. Design Development
       Updated Plan and Elevation Studies
       Preliminary Budget Update
       Zoning Code Analysis Update
       Client Meetings for Design Review as Required
       Finalize Design, Owner Sign Off

4. Construction Documents
Consisting of:
      a. Site Plan/ Zoning Analysis
      b. Demolition. Construction, Electrical Plans (as required)
      c. Elevations /Interior Elevations (as required)
      d. Building Section/ Schedules/ Details & Specifications

Optional / Additional Services
1. Construction Administration
      Construction administration consists of: bid review, contractor payment review, shop drawing review, site observations, punch-list & final inspection, and project closeout. These specific services are NOT provided under the SCOPE OF SERVICES described herein. However, it is our professional opinion that you choose to have these services provided to you. These services are invaluable to clients who are unfamiliar with the bidding and construction phases of projects.
2. Computer Modeling OR Rendered Presentations
3. Record Drawings - indicating significant changes to project based on prints provided by Contractor.