The Firm

      Dugasz & Brower Architects was formed in late 1996. The firm was conceived by David Dugasz, AIA, NCARB and John Brower, AIA, NCARB as a means to offer complete architectural services in a personalized setting. Although the firm is small in nature, we believe that it allows the principals of the firm the ability to have a hands-on approach with any project from designs to construction documents.

      We have extensive experience with both new construction and renovation. Past projects have included corporate, commercial, institutional and residential projects. Numerous projects have included the renovation and expansion of existing facilities which requires careful attention of staging, coordination efforts, and design integration.

      Dugasz & Brower Architects, established in Fords and Millburn, New Jersey is dedicated to the highest of professional standards in all phases of design and construction, and strives to reflect this philosophy in each project.
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"An old contractor once told me every job has three requirements Ė time, quality and cost. Generally, people want top quality, for little cost and in no time. The reality is, you canít get all three. You have to pick the one thatís most important to you and the other two will either serve or fall prey to that goal. If you want it fast, then you have to be willing to possibly spend too much money and perhaps give up quality as well. But if quality matters most to you, then you need to take the time and spend the money to make sure you get it. With us, quality is a given."


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